ILT Training & Development Officer (2013 - present) Training staff in various Information Learning Technologies and developing online courses including SCORM interactive e-learning.
    PICOLEARN Ltd Director (2012 - present)
Providing part-time consultancy and e-learning development, implementation and management.
    GLOBAL TECH WORLD LTD Director (2007 – 2012)
Providing hosted web based content/course management systems and e- learning for schools and charities. Making full use of open source applications such as Joomla, Moodle and CourseLab. Providing: "web innovations with integrity" Significant cost savings over competitors by utilising open- source and free software. Customers are also given tools and training to update their solutions in- house which reduces through- life costs. Service provided equates to around 10% of the average cost if using bespoke solutions with mainstream companies.
    ROYAL AIR FORCE Training Officer (1994 – 2012)
2007 – 2012 Head of Learning Technologies Research and Development at Ministry of Defence: Written several strategy and guidance papers on behalf of the Director of Training and Education. Provided consultancy to large Defence Programmes on emerging learning technologies. Numerous examples of enabling implementations which worked within military constraints and provided clear Return on Investment. Examples included significantly reducing costs of e- learning by embedding an in- house web- based rapid authoring tool. 2004 - 2007 Information Systems Lecturer at the UK Defence Academy: Lectured on IS Project Management and Systems Analysis as part of the MSc in Advanced Information Systems. Applied analytical expertise, during an operational tour in Afghanistan, to develop an in- house Media Operations Effectiveness prediction model and tool. This resulted in a £1m saving per annum when the outsourced contract was terminated. 2000 - 2003 Flying Training School Training Officer at Ministry of Defence: Training consultant and instructor to a large Flying Training School. Overcame cultural barriers from aircrew who eventually realised that modern learning techniques could apply to aviation. 1998 - 2000 Training Development Officer at Ministry of Defence: Management of training and development for a large operational front line base. Developed an information system for training development review and evaluation which received a commendation from the head of the RAF Training Branch. Also developed an e- learning induction module using Authorware. 1994 - 1998 Engineering Instructor at Ministry of Defence: Lectured in various departments on Maths and Engineering Principles: included teaching HNC level modules.
Secondary Mathematics, plus Physics and Sport (1985– 1994) Various schools and locations including Hastings, Derbyshire and Zimbabwe. 2 years in Zimbabwe included developing and implementing a new A- Level Maths Course. First course achieved 100% pass rate

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